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Shires breeding

The area reserved for SHIREs extends over a little over 10 hectares containing meadows, woods and ponds. The domain is situated around our house, which allows us to keep an eye on them at all times. 

Each meadow has a stabilised area, equipped with a shelter, an automatic watering trough which allows us to have fresh and clean water at will, and a large hay trough.

We have set up a 50 m² stall for foaling. Some pictures are enclosed here.

This place is monitored by cameras.

The stable area can also be converted into two large 25 m² boxes, with automatic watering and feeding troughs.

Stabulation en construction
Stabulation, vue intérieure
Stabulation, vue extérieure

We produce our own fodder, on our own meadows, located 2 km from our house. This allows us to be sure of the food we give them. For this, I thank my parents for their help in pulling up the ragwort every year. Sometimes we find this plant in our meadows. It is poisonous to horses, both standing and dry in the hay, from the stem to the flower.

We have also built a 25m x 40m quarry so that we can mount and work our horses.


As encounters are not made by chance, I let you discover the story of each of our Shires, and why they are there : a story of encounters.

You can also go to the page describing our entire herd.

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Adress: 1 Sepeau, 33230 Maransin, France.

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